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Our Proposition - Growth


Capital Growth Deferred Income

If you are looking to achieve capital growth and probably a future income stream to replace earnings then this area of our proposition is ideal for you.

50% Commercial Property - You take part in our commercial property investments through a combination of investment together with a share of the mortgage secured on the property. The rent received from the tenants re-pays your share of the mortgage and therefore the value of your investment increases. Over a period of 10 years we expect to be able to double the value of your investment through this unique method, without requiring any increase in the value of the property. Of course once the mortgage is re-paid you receive your share of the rental income.

50% Investment Portfolio - Dividends as opposed to share prices are more tangible and consistent, providing a physical return from an investment and it is through the re-investment of these dividends that we can achieve capital growth in the investment portfolio without the requirement for share prices to increase. Additionally, subject to attitude to risk, investment in Asian and emerging market funds enhance the portfolio.

Through these methods our proposition is unique and allows for capital growth without any increase in the value of the assets. It also provides an excellent method to achieve that future income stream.

Capital growth may be achieved through your pension or your standard investments.  Please use the links below to see in more detail how we create growth from each.


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