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Director Service


Directors Services and Advice

We are proud to run a professional service. 

There are two main elements to our corporate services.

Firstly we advise business partners and directors, working as part of the professional team to legally reduce taxes and build and protect assets.  However, a large part of our work is to ensure that those business stakeholders  that often also own the business will have their personal assets protected and growing for later.

The second is our Employee Benefits service, which include retirement (through Auto Enrolment), death in service scheme and many other benefits.


As either a company Director or Partner in a firm your requirements will be different from most people - and yet the SAME! You will be looking to build a financially strong business which you may decide to sell, or you may decide to retain it and let other people work on your behalf.  Either way our job is to ensure that no matter what happens, our advice will provide you with the financial security when you finally stop working.

  • If you sell the business, we are experts in creating income streams that will retain their real worth over the long term.
  • If you retain the business, we will have helped you build assets outside of the business so that you will be able to live from your investments and any extra earnings from the business will be exactly that - extra!

Financial planning is more complicated for entrepreneurs and business owners and we have great experience in the more interesting areas as well as with the more  straightforward 'vanilla' issues.

The main areas covered are:-

  1. Protecting personal assets.
  2. Planning for income in retirement that will be protected from the vagaries of the business.
  3. Enabling entrepeneurs to buy their own business premises freehold, so that you are not paying rent for another landlord's benefit.
  4. Arranging Group Life Assurance  Schemes which are not treated as 'benefits in kind' by HMRC and therefore are extremely efficient.
  5. Advising on 'Family Investment Office Vehicles' that help achieve the rolling forwards of assets from generation to generation in efficient and protective ways - BUT with simple common sense. 


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